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Office hours can be daunting. Spending long hours before the computer screen, doing the never ending paper work, the lack of sleep and the stress creeping up your spine can leave you exhausted and fatigued. After a long day at work your body needs a little gift for it to replenish all the lost energy and to resume its stressful work pattern for the remainder of the day. Just when your tummy begins to growl, you realize that hunger is claiming your mind and you need to act right away. You call the take out number and order greasy food off the menu. Although it looks appetising and tastes like a million bucks, it is far from the health and comfort of home cooked food. For healthy options, you must switch to a Tiffin box with healthy contents.

With the ever increasing workload many people tend to skip their meals only feeling lethargic towards the end of the day. Skipping meals is like digging one’s own grave. If you crave home cooked meals during the precious lunch hour, all you have to do is pick up your mobile phone, punch in a number and order Tiffin service. These services provide home cooked meals as healthy as you can possibly imagine at prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket. These services provide the comfort of soft and light chapattis, warm golden dal tempered with the perfect blend of aromatic spices and topped with a blob of butter, an assortment of vegetable preparations with chutneys and pickles. It is practically a mini thali at your service just a call away.

These services provide various meal options. You can choose the one that suits your appetite. These services are perfect when you want to eat meals that are not loaded with unhealthy oils and curries that shun nutrition. You cannot eat greasy curries and cheesy pizzas any more than you can drink aerated drinks all day, every day for the rest of your life, can you? A Tiffin service does not cater to just the office going population. Single men who stay away from families and find it…

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