Thrills without hard spills are offered by Threshold Climbing + Fitness in Oklahoma City

John Tarkington, co-owner of Threshold Climbing + Fitness & Yoga, admits he is a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

Tarkington gets that rush by climbing, a passion he’s had for nearly a dozen years.

In 2017, he’s sharing his love for the sport by offering climbing enthusiasts in the Oklahoma City area a custom-made facility that offers various types of climbing challenges.

Threshold opened in April, about 15 months after construction began on what must be one of the tallest single-story buildings in town.

The 20,000-square-foot building at 6024 Westlake Memorial Parkway in Oklahoma City offers about 18,000 square feet of climbing area inside.

Threshold also includes a yoga studio, a small fitness center and a community room where certified instructors give lessons to first-time climbers.

The community room also is used for other types of events, including birthday parties and team-building exercises.

Tarkington, who co-owns Threshold with Bill Mathis, said he’d dreamed of opening a first-class facility for years.

“I’ve been a climber for 11 years. From the first time I tried it, I just fell in love with the sport. I have been doing it ever since, five or six days a week,” he said.

Before starting this project, Tarkington said he spent a number of years working for Mathis Brothers and had traveled a lot as part of that job.

“I always took my (climbing) shoes with me, and I have climbed other places around the U.S. and around the world, and got to climb in some pretty amazing facilities that we just didn’t have back home,” he said.

“So, I got the opportunity to open a first-class facility here.”

Boulder and rope climbing

Tarkington said Threshold’s climbing opportunities are about evenly divided between boulder and rope climbing.

The bouldering areas feature 16-foot-tall walls that have outcroppings climbers can scale without the need to use personal protective equipment, beyond wearing required climbing shoes. Thick…

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