Thousands view online mind maps of TEDxBristol talks

Mind Doodle mind mapped TEDxBristol talks

By capturing the essence of the TEDx talks through mind mapping, we helped to widen the appeal and understanding of the talks.

Drawing in thousands of online visitors to view mind maps from TEDxBristol, Mind Doodle has added an intriguing new element to powerful speeches.

Mind Doodle, the latest software product from tech start-up company FlexiDB Limited, live mind mapped the talks at TEDxBristol and supported the event through its Community Partnership Programme.

The mind maps were created in real time, as visual notes, and were extremely well received from remote viewers, speakers and event attendees alike.

Offering a flexible source of information for online visitors to visually interpret key ideas and access quotes and facts mentioned during the talks, the mind maps are available as a lasting digital resource at

Online visitors can also sign up for free and add their thoughts to each idea in a mind map as a comment, to build on the conversations that the TEDxBristol speakers have started.

Through the partnership, the mind maps created by Mind Doodle reached a global audience, but the company also supported the local community by providing free tickets for members of diverse community groups to attend.

Mind Doodle supported TEDxBristol’s Community Partnership Programme, which allocated around 260 places to people from diverse communities across Bristol and the South West of the UK.

Richard Hill, CEO of Mind Doodle said:

“We were able to provide thousands of people with visual access to the talks in real time. After looking at the data, we can see that we have enhanced the experience for attendees and for those following TEDxBristol…

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