This Reality Is All There Is – Nothing More

We have been made to believe that there is some kind of alter reality – something beyond this reality. So we go on searching to see if we can find a way to experience this other reality; we start to search for answers, for solutions, but these answers are never found because there is nothing to find – ultimately there are no answers.

Kant clearly stated this concept in his teachings. Kant himself didn’t offer an answer to this paradox because he knew that experiencing a beyond was impossible; our brain does not have the ability to, if indeed something beyond existed. And while we believe in enlightenment, heaven and nirvana – the mere search creates a hell. The illusion that there are other “higher” levels to attain creates the illusion that we are actually moving towards that illusory state. In all, we are never moving and we never get anywhere!

In this reality we are asked to be ourselves and at the same time become something greater than what we are. How is this possible? No wonder we are all neurotic! We have been made to believe that techniques like yoga, prayers, meditation or mindfulness will bring us peace of mind. What a con! There is no peace of mind! Try sitting in complete “silence” and you will still hear your heartbeat, or the birds fly or the cracking of the bricks in the cave you are enclosed in! There is no such thing as peace!

And when nothing else works we invent the concept of deconditioning. But, this also sends us into a loop because if I can’t meditate, or pray to help my conditioning, then I also suffer. Furthermore, if you are successful at meditation you are not deconditioning anything, you are simply reconditioning your mind to follow or obey another idea.

We are what we think and all our thoughts have been given to us by others. Hence, there is not one consciousness – or is there a consciousness? I know this for certain – that my thoughts are not my own and this person that I seem to know as Andrea is…

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