This mother-daughter duo saved a man’s life on a flight to Salt Lake City


LAS VEGAS, USA – APRIL 15, 2014: Boeing 737 of Delta Airlines at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. As of 2013 Delta was the largest airline in the world with 120 million annual passengers.

One North Carolina woman didn’t have time to worry about her fear of flying on a flight to Salt Lake City. Instead, she and her mother sprang into action on a recent Delta flight to help save a man’s life.

The Citizen-Times reported that Morgan Anderson, of Asheville, North Carolina, forgot all about her fear of flying when she realized a man’s life was in danger.

“I didn’t feel like I was in the air, thousands of feet above the world. I just got tunnel vision and focused on him and my mom,” Morgan said.

The Andersons, who are both nurses, left East Asheville at about 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 13 on their way to Salt Lake City. While in the air, a flight attendant asked for medical professionals to help with an ongoing issue.

Morgan and her mother, Rose, sprang into action. They met their patient, an older man who was unresponsive with high blood pressure that put him on “the brink of death,” Morgan said, according to WBIR.

The mother and daughter duo worked together to save the man’s life, using a needle and catheter from a medical kit to help rehydrate him.

“It was like walking a tight rope, keeping him all right with what we had,” Rose said.

The flight sped up as a result of the medical emergency. The man is still in stable condition. The Andersons both received a discount off their next flight, KHOU reported.

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