THINKWARE To Unveil Forthcoming Product Line Up at 2018 CES

The World’s leading Korean dash cam company, THINKWARE DASH CAM will unveil its latest models of popular on-board cameras and technologies on the floor of North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 9–12, 2018.

THINKWARE’s highly anticipated upcoming product line will present:

  • An interactive preview of its upcoming Motorcycle Cam ‘M1’ and Sports Cam ‘Planar’
  • The soon to be launched 1CH (Full HD) F70, featuring the latest Energy Saving Parking Recording Mode and mounted with Quick Booting Solution
  • The newly released 2CH (Full HD/HD) F200, with built-in Wi-Fi
  • A demonstration of a new standalone Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) Device, with diverse warning systems such as Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Front Collision Warning System (FCWS), Urban Front Collision Warning System (uFCWS), Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW), Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW), Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) as well as new features such as Wrong Way Alert, Driver Attention Alert, and Haptic Warning through vibration

THINKWARE will also demonstrate its current lineup of dash cams and accessories at its booth with 5 distinct zones in which you can experience the distinguished functions of the new models:

  • THINKWARE SPORTS Zone: A set-up display of THINKWARE’s newest product line, Motorcycle Cam ‘M1’ and Sports Cam ‘Planar’, mounted on a motorbike model.
  • Dash Cam Zone: THINKWARE’s upcoming lineup on display as prototype models, as well as popular products such as the new F800 PRO, F800, F770, X550 and more. Dash cam models fit for commercial and general vehicles will be exhibited in two separate areas, commercial zone and consumer zone.
  • SNV Zone (Super Night…

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