These homes already have their Christmas lights up, but how soon is too soon? – Orange County Register

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and more than a month before Christmas, and all around the house … some people — twisted souls, their detractors say — already have their holiday lights blazing.

Just drive around Orange County in any direction and you’ll see them, the homes of these early Christmas enthusiasts calling out to those who are waiting until after Thanksgiving or maybe even the month of December before putting up their lights: You’re late. Your kids wish you were more like us.

The Ratta family in Mission Viejo, the Williamsons in Anaheim Hills, the Eckarts in Orange, the Horans in Irvine (and the list goes on) — all of them are already watching their electricity bills skyrocket in the name of early Christmas cheer.

At the same time, Mary Beth Formby summed up what so many people are thinking: “Boo. Give Thanksgiving it’s due respect.”

This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Nov. 23, the second earliest date it could possibly fall (the holiday always falls on the fourth Thursday in November, so the earliest it could be is Nov. 22). That means pre-Thanksgiving Christmas lights are especially early this year.

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