Theresa May will push back the toughest fight over her Brexit legislation until after the Budget

Theresa May is set to push back the toughest fight over her Brexit legislation until after this month’s Budget, The Independent understands.

The move allows her time to talk with Tory rebels who want her to fundamentally change how Parliament approves the final Brexit deal so MPs have more control.

Ms May is currently understood to be unwilling to consider changing her plans, but knows she needs to make some compromises to win their support or her Brexit legislation will not get through unamended.

To that end she made an early minor concession last week to show rebels that she is in “listening mode”, one Government insider told The Independent.

It comes as Ms May’s administration takes her EU withdrawal Bill into the critical “committee stage” of the legislative process on Tuesday.

If passed, the Bill will mean that on Brexit day, all laws affecting the UK currently enshrined in Brussels will be transferred on to the British statute book – with “Henry VIII” powers then granted to ministers to tweak the laws without full parliamentary scrutiny.

The committee stage has been allocated eight days of parliamentary debate. But The Independent understands only three of the days will occur before the Budget on 22 November.

It means the Government can try to gain some momentum, make friendly overtures to rebels and have more time to discuss with them how the final Brexit deal is approved, before the later days of the committee stage that must deal with that issue – which The Independent understands will now not be scheduled until December.

In an opening minor concession earlier this week, ministers revealed they would write the exact “exit date” on to the face of the EU withdrawal Bill.

Its absence up to now had led to fears among some Tory and Labour MPs that ministers might mischievously name a date later than March 2019, as that which applies to the expiry of the Henry VIII powers – so called because they let the…

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