Celebrates National Bath Safety Month

January is National Bath Safety Month, and is excited to join in the festivities of this sometimes forgotten occasion. It’s an important one that applies to anyone who gets into the bathtub or the shower. Whether it’s a mom who gives daily baths to the kids, a bath enthusiast who enjoys a leisurely soak every night, or someone who prefers to hop in and out of the shower as fast as possible, it’s time to take advantage of some of these valuable safety tips—and a few products that can help the cause.

It all starts with taking basic precautions. If there is a youngster, it’s important to stay by the child’s side the entire time—even if they’re old enough to splash in the water by themselves. As a general rule of thumb, kids below the age of four are safest when there’s an adult present.

Adults who aren’t feeling well should be careful not to take baths that are too hot. High temperatures can drive down blood pressure or even make a person feel dizzy or lightheaded. Keep a glass of cold water nearby so it can down as soon as possible when stepping out of the shower.

It’s also smart to limit time in the water, especially during the winter when skin can dry out quickly the longer it’s exposed to moisture. Instead of battling with tangles as conditioner is applied through the hair, use a handy Wet Brush to quickly spread the product through the hair. Rinse out and voila—it’s all done! Instead of spending valuable time working the conditioner in, it’s done faster and hair is detangled.

It’s easy to stay safe in other ways, too! A Tweezerman Precision Folding Razor may well be the best bath buddy if the person is a little clumsy or just prefers to err on the side of caution. The sleek blade is effective enough to gently…

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