Announces Its 2018 Preview

As the year comes to a close, is excited to usher in a whole slate of new products, new brands, and fantastic new features in 2018. Of course, it wouldn’t be a beauty-full new year without 365 days of beautiful memories to fondly remember.

This was the year that found beauty junkies slathering on the best face masks in the world—the ones packed with everything from clay to gold. This was the year they decided they wanted seriously sparkly lips, so they packed on the shimmery glosses without apology. This was the year of the high ponytail, and they proudly rocked theirs as if they were headed to high school in the 1950s. It was also the year of adventurous hair colors—both on their heads and on their eyebrows!

Given that the beauty industry is so diverse and ever evolving, it makes sense that is constantly tapped into everything that’s hot. Customers can expect that—and more—in the new year. In addition to new-to-you companies brimming with get-gorgeous beauty products, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore fun new elements on the website.

One of the most exciting is the opportunity to register for a completely free account on the website. This will allow customers to keep track of their orders, store important information for a quicker checkout experience, and breeze through the online shopping expeditions with ease. If there’s one resolution can help customers keep, it’s to shop smarter—and save some money in the process. At the end of this year started to offer customers eGift Cards, it’s the perfect gift to give anyone on a special occasion.

Customers can also look forward to more giveaways on, so be sure to…

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