The True Story of Under-the-Radar Celebrity Perks, From Airport Escorts to Free Vacations

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It’s never been a better time to be a celebrity.

Though make no mistake: There’s really never been a bad time to be famous. Sure, there are drawbacks, but the positives always outweigh the negatives. Today, that means perks (make that Perks). Most of the most exciting aspects of being an A-lister are obvious: The huge salaries, the glamorous appearances, the getting-to-be-on-TV. The fact that it’s basically their full-time job to look good. But there are secret, under-the-radar perks that are only available to those highly in the know.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that all of these fringe benefits are privilege on top of privilege: To even be in a situation that comes before the perk is to be #blessed. But whereas a non-famous person might think it’s truly fabulous to even have the option of paying $30 to take a spin class at SoulCycle, celebrities get oh so much more. E! News is letting you in on some of the best examples, but the envy is real. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Let’s start where all good celebrity stories do: The airport. It may not be sexy, but it’s where A-listers spend the majority of the time. 

When they fly commercial, they’re not really flying commercial—at least in the way that the rest of us are. Major airports are equipped to handle VIPs and all the things that come with them (like the paparazzi crush, for one). Ever wonder why, whenever you see a photo of a star at LAX, they look like they’re leaving dinner instead of disembarking from a long-haul journey? It’s because of services like American Airlines’ Five-Star. For an additional fee, celebrities can access the red carpet treatment when they fly between New York and Los Angeles. 

It starts with a curbside…

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