The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Women

Being a woman in today’s society can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing the right career. Finding a job that not only fits the bill but pays them as well takes time. Women are taken over the work force in many different fields and are beginning to take jobs that were once considered, “men’s work”. 


1. Pharmacists


The average earnings for a pharmacist on a weekly basis are $1,871 with the annual earnings at $97,500. The percentages of woman that are working this type of job are at a whopping 52%. Pharmacists are mainly responsible for ensuring that patients are receiving the medication suited to them, and responding correctly to patient’s symptoms to recommend the right medicines.  


2. Chief Executives


The percentage of women working in this type of profession is at 26%, earning $1,730 weekly and $90,000 annually. Chief executives make sure that the organization keeps running smoothly, plan activities and devise policies.


3. Lawyers


The weekly earnings, on average, are $1,636 and $85,000 earned annually. Women working as lawyers are at a 33%. Lawyers draw contracts, wills and other legal documents mainly.


4. Nurse Practitioners


Women working in this profession have average weekly earnings of $1,530. Nurse practitioners provide care in family practice offices and hospitals.


5. Information and Computer Systems Managers


Women coming up in this profession are soon going to see a great rise in their career graph. The average weekly earnings are at $1,527 with $79,500 annually. This type of profession deals with a company’s computer problems and many computer-related tasks.


6. Surgeons and Physicians


Again, women can earn lucrative income by being in these professions. The weekly earnings are at $1,418 and $74,000 annually. Surgeons perform surgery on the human body except for the brain, heart and bones. Physicians take care of families or single…

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