The Starfest Music Festival Will Not Be the Next Fyre Festival

David Taylor, co-founder of the just-announced Starfest Music Festival debuting in Plano on Sept. 8, is the first to mention Fyre Festival, the disastrous “Coachella in the Bahamas” that earlier this year set a new standard in event planning debacles.

“With Fyre Festival, you had a group of guys with no contingency plan,” says Taylor, whose LinkedIn profile describes him as a “marketing innovator and disruptive technologist.” He is the founder of Crudefunders, a company that crowdfunds investments in the oil and gas industry, and says his experience in event production includes a handful of concerts in Dallas, as well as a SXSW showcase he helped sponsor. “We know what we’re accomplishing.”

What Taylor and his partners, promoter Shamar Willis and a guy who “used to work for Showco” among them, hope to accomplish is a “park experience that will rival some of the largest festivals in the United States,” according to the Starfest website. Starfest is going about this in an unorthodox way, waiting until barely a month before its premiere to announce its existence, and its first headliner, Lil Wayne. The festival, which has the ambitious plan of putting 60 artists on two stages in two days at Plano’s Oak Point Park, will dribble out information about its other performers over the coming days and weeks. Taylor offers assurances that the first eight acts “will be monsters” of hip-hop, pop, and country music.

“The hardest part about this whole festival has been keeping it quiet,” he says.

Taylor elaborates on why Starfest won’t be a Fyre Festival-esque fiasco, or the latest misfire of a North Texas music festival to be relegated to the garbage heap. The Starfest team has spent months planning with the city of Plano, which is helping promote the event. Sponsors are on board, and an advertising blitz is planned for Cumulus radio stations in Dallas-Fort Worth. Several “high net-worth individuals” are involved, including NFL…

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