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Unreasonable worry: In reality, I don’t know anything about the lives of celebrities or their actual character. Yeah, I can watch their late night talk show appearances, follow them on Twitter or (God forbid!) watch TMZ. Still, I am and will always be remarkably far removed from them. So will you. Don’t kid yourself.

Their lives don’t impact me in any real way, and that’s how it should be. All that being said, I still worry about certain celebrities. In no particular order, here’s a short list of the celebs I randomly find myself concerned for, and the reasons why.

Matthew Perry: The former “Friends” star has always been fairly up and down. I know he’s dealt with a lot of drug and alcohol addiction through the years, but that doesn’t worry me as much. He’ll occasionally show up on late night shows, promoting some new doomed sitcom, and he just seems deeply, undoubtedly sad. It’s like he knows his new sitcom won’t pan out. He’ll never reach those “Friends” heights again, and he seems to know that. I just want him to be happy. Chin up, Chandler Bing. Chin up.

T.J. Miller: Miller is a zany guy. Few people seem as truly unpredictable. It’s always been part of the comedian’s charm. And it’s landed him larger and larger gigs the past few years, including starring roles in last year’s “Office Christmas Party” and HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” Yes, he’s riding high, but is he also riding high? (Undoubtedly, but how high?) His latest stand-up comedy special, “Meticulously Ridiculous,” was so outlandish and unhinged that I worry he’s on the verge of something dangerous. T.J., are you OK? You can tell us.

Harry Styles: The former One Direction star seems like he’s quite well adjusted — and that’s kind of shocking, given how truly manic One Direction superfans are. I don’t know how one could…

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