The Resistance Now: Republicans to face ‘retirement parties’ over tax bill | US news

Tax bill passes … but could it retire Republicans?

Well that wasn’t the end to the year that many people were hoping for. Donald Trump signed the GOP’s tax bill on Friday, bringing to an end weeks of spirited protests by progressive groups.

Activists in the press gallery shouted “Kill the bill, don’t kill us”, and about 70 protesters were arrested, as the vote took place, but Republicans were soon celebrating Trump’s first legislative triumph as president.

Progressive organizations soon rallied, however, with Indivisible calling for activists to hold a series of “retirement parties” at Republicans’ offices.

Activists are detained as the Senate and House vote on the GOP tax bill. Photograph: Pacific Press / Barcroft Images

“A retirement party is an action where you creatively send the message that your member of Congress’ vote for the Tax Scam is the beginning of the end of their time in office,” Indivisible said in a statement.

Activists are hoping that the bill will influence the 2018 midterm elections in the Democrats’ favour.

In more positive news …

the Washington Post notes that the country’s view of Trump has slumped even further – a series of polls showed the president has an approval rating of between 33 and 37%.

With that in mind, a series of Democrats are “starting to get anxious to run against Trump”, the Post reckons.

It has produced a ranking of the top 15 Democratic presidential candidates for 2020, which features many progressive candidates.

Elizabeth Warren is among those who may run against Trump. Photograph: Susan Walsh/AP

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