The Most popular excitements of The Lake City: Udaipur

In the state of Desert Rajasthan there lays the beautiful city known as Udaipur, not very big in area but the beauty and its marvelous constructions makes it very special for the visitors. There is an ample of opportunity to explore the culture and art of Rajasthan. The city is resting peacefully in the environment neither too fast like metropolitan cities nor too slow little a small town. There are the following attractions that are found in here in Udaipur:

–  Lake Palace:
It is a beautiful and uniquely constructed palace in middle of the lake Picholia by Maharaj Jagat Singh II. Constructed by the royal dynasties of the past in the architectural style replicating the Taj Mahal is the most unique and massive construction being converted into a five star hotel. Well equipped with all the luxurious rooms and suits the palace has become the icon for the city.

–  Saheliyo ki Badi:
It is a huge pleasure garden and a delightful treat to the eyes. There is a pool in middle of the garden and the sprays of the water sprinkling the garden from all around makes the environment all the more pleasant treat to eyes.

–  City Palace:
It is the palace indicating the architectural marvel of the artisans and building up the biggest palace of Rajasthan. With the giant gates and entrance it comprises of the 11 palaces inside. It took several years to construct such palace and is still being a pleasant treat for the travelers.

–  Udaipur Solar Observatory:
It’s the construction of the modern era. The building was constructed in 1975 and is one of the best observatories of the world that too located on an island. Its architecture is based on the observatory based upon modern science situated in California.

–  Lakes of Udaipur:
There are in total 6 lakes constructed all over the city. The main attraction is that all the lakes are made artificially and represents the great creativity of the ancient royal families. The motive behind each construction has one or the other historic…

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