The Message Behind Recurring Dreams

When we fall asleep we release tension, we relax and our mind slips away. We slide into another state, that of dreams and often of a very personal message to ourselves. When we look at dreams, especially recurring ones, we can see a theme. But what does it mean and how does it truly relate to you? To find this out it is important to remember that in the state of dream sleep you are not fully present, it is your subconscious that is at play. It is your subconscious then that is arising to give you a message. It could be relaying a truth of an underlying problem and giving you a diagnosis.

It is important to see your dreams clearly for what they are, clues. When you have a dream over and over again, replaying the same emotion and theme, this is very important to look at. Your subconscious is trying to work at something, trying to solve an issue for you. In your sleep this can be very distressing. When we awake we are not fully rested but rather unsettled. Often times these dreams will not abate without further counsel from within. By allowing yourself to fully look at the dream, align it with yourself, you may find the correlating issue. It may help end the dream or give you a new one. The bases of dreams, replayed ones, are an event of your subconscious. It is asking you to deal with an issue, so that it too can rest.

Dreams that seem hard to understand, that are jumbled and inaccessible, yet are reoccurring, are very important. It is just that your subconscious hasn’t quite figured out how to play it. There is so much involved and ways of sending you the message that if you are uncentered, your dream can reflect this. How do you decipher a message that is unreadable? Believe it or not, the dream, although it is mixed up, will have an underlying theme. It just takes more time to see it.

The important part is not so much the message but the correlation with yourself. For it is your dream and therefore your issue to be seen. It may be hard to attach the idea to…

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