The journalists who fled to Greece to escape Turkey’s crackdown

Family life for Tuba and Cevheri Guven underwent a revolution following the attempted coup in Turkey.

Up until that fateful day they were living in Istanbul with their two children

Cevheri and Tuba are both journalists.

The fled their homeland.

One year on the family live in Thessaloniki.

Cevheri Guven explained how events unfolded:“We started to get scared when we heard about the coup. Because if the coup was successful or not all the democrats in Turkey were going to be arrested. So that is why when we heard, we started to worry about my family and myself. Two days after the attempt the Twitter trolls of the ruling AK party began to post the names of the journalists who were to be arrested. After the list was published the police carried out operations across the world. At home they came three times. After that we went into hiding for a month. Tuba hid elsewhere. They were arresting the partners of journalists, to try to gag them. Then we decided to leave for Greece.”

Cevheri was taken into custody in 2015 for for publishing an anti-Erdogan photo. He is now writing for the few remaining news websites that still exist in Turkey.

As for Tuba she is haunted by the difficulties they faced as they entered the county illegally: “Together we went to Edirne a border town between Turkey and Greece. We then crossed the the River Meric on a boat with traffickers to the Greek side. For the next four days we were at the…

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