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President Donald Trump campaigned on the slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and he has consistently voiced his desire to bring overseas manufacturing jobs back to America. In doing so, he hopes to help boost the economy and increase employment rates. However, it’s unlikely that the president will “make America the same again,” and the manufacturing jobs that are brought back or created will not look and feel like the manufacturing jobs of old.

Maryland and Greater Baltimore have seen the manufacturing sector decline over several decades, with losses of companies such as Bethlehem Steel and General Motors, which once supplied thousands of manufacturing jobs to the region. While Maryland is unlikely to reproduce the jobs that have been lost, the region is still well poised to experience growth in a new generation of manufacturing jobs — specifically in Greater Baltimore.

According to the Maryland Department of Commerce, Maryland currently supports an excess of 100,000 manufacturing jobs, with the largest subsector being computer and electronic parts manufacturing, which reflects a change from the traditional manufacturing sectors that helped drive the economy through the 20th century. Today, the economic growth in the sector is driven by things such as product innovation, automation and logistics management.

The new manufacturing

Twenty-first century manufacturing is less labor intensive than previous generations and now requires more knowledge-intensive technical skills to operate machinery and equipment and drive research and development.

Growth opportunities exist in new product development in industries such as aerospace and defense, healthcare, information technologies, energy and advanced materials.

In addition to the focus on the manufacturing sector at the federal level, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has also focused his agenda on economic development in Maryland and job growth for the state. In April 2017, Hogan signed the “More…

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