By nightfall Monday, Denver could learn the fate of whether or not it will play host to a major music festival.

For nearly seven months residents have debated whether the Overland Park Golf Course in South Denver will play host to the event that organizers say could bring as many as 120,000 people over three days, claiming it could rival America’s premier Coachella Festival in California.

Here’s the monetary breakdown.

Superfly, the organizing group, will pay $200,000 to rent the golf course for the five weeks following Labor Day.

That time includes set up, the three-day festival, and breakdown. They’ll also pay $90,000 for landscaping work. $25,000 will be paid to fund discounts for displaced golfers who wish to play at other city courses and $2 from every ticket sold will go to Denver’s Golf Enterprise Fund, which benefits all golf courses in the city.

“I can see both sides,” said Matt Narona, who was golfing Sunday.

Norona just moved to Denver from San Francisco, home to the Outside Lands Music Festival – the festival Denver has used as a blueprint for the one being considered.

“I’ve gone [to the Outside Lands Festival] several years and that’s kind of my reference point on all this,” Norona said. “The grass is completely torn up, there’s trash everywhere. Yeah, the more and more I talk about it the more it’s like – is [a golf course] the best venue for this?”

Superfly will also…