The Different Ways in Celebrating Easter

Just what exactly is Easter? People, especially Christians have been fussing about this every year. Is this the same as Christmas? As what I know of, this is a holy event commemorating the death of Jesus. So, that’s it?


According to the definition, Easter comes from the Old English eastre, apparently from Eastre, a goddess whose festival was celebrated at the vernal equinox. For Christians, it is the feast that falls on the first Sunday following the full moon that occurs on or next after the vernal equinox that falls between March 22 and April 25.


Also called Pasch or Pascha, Easter is the apex of Christ’s passion followed by a forty-day fasting, prayer and penance called Lent. 


Holy week is what is called the last week of Lent which composes of the Easter Triduum– Maunday Thursday or simply Holy Thursday, when it served as memorial to the Last Supper of Christ; Good Friday, which recalls the crucifixion and death of the Lord; and Easter Sunday.


I have tried doing some snooping and find out those superb information about this celebration. Yes, it is a holy celebration of the Savior Jesus Christ. I am a Christian but not that religious. So, I found a book entitled, “The Different Ways in Celebrating Easter” by Cindy Wright and it really did caught my attention just by seeing the cover alone.


This nice very informative book is filled with almost everything about Easter– from stories to poems to games and even recipes full of illustrations!


But stumbling through this wonderful book makes us realize how important Easter is, especially in the eyes of a child. If you have children, which I have, this is one important way to educate the kids properly as early on about the traditions and celebrations of easter all over the world.


Easter is not just about family gatherings for Christians, long vacations for some, or a joyous celebrations of Easter bunny and Easter eggs. It is all bout how One sacrifices for the sake of saving the world from…

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