The CS Blackbell Agency Makes History Becoming One of Four Sales Firms to Make it to the Century Club

The CS Blackbell Agency

The CS Blackbell Agency has discussed that their business development program has become a second pillar of the business.

The accolade proves the dedication to the industry the firm possesses through the practical training and self-development programs offered to the contractors with The CS Blackbell Agency.

The CS Blackbell Agency has released a statement that ties this recent milestone down to the high levels of work ethic that is evident in the entire workforce. The firm explores how each contractor with the company think ‘like the few’; the whole team is concentrating on finishing each week in a strong position, and building habits unlike any other firm in the industry.

The CS Blackbell Agency –

The firm places a strong focus on their company culture in organizational skills, and an element of spontaneity that helps to diversify themselves from other sales and marketing firms across the nation. The CS Blackbell Agency has put together their top three tips to improve productivity within the workplace, to help maximize organization.

Time: Organizing time through ensuring dedicated sessions for various tasks throughout the day. Prioritizing days can help ensure professionals are making the most out of their time.

Reduce all meetings by 25%: Ensuring that only vital individuals are present within essential meetings, and reducing time spent dealing with trivial tasks can help free up crucial time for more critical tasks and projects.

Begin the day with structured ‘me’ time: The CS Blackbell Agency understands the importance of individuals taking the time to reflect on themselves. The firm encourages its contractors to take a short amount of time each…

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