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A man in the Hancock County jail had no family, no housing, no job and nowhere to go when he got out of jail.
Then he found a new support system.
Sara Wagner, a Hancock County jail-based therapist, connected the inmate with a Century Health case manager, who plans to help the inmate find housing, transport him to job interviews, and help him apply for money from local charities to get clothing and a bike so he can get to his job.
“If he left the jail without having that connection, his future would be going in a very different direction,” Wagner said. “So those services are huge to many of our individuals in the jail who no longer have support systems available to them.”
Help to re-enter society is just one of the programs the Hancock County jail offers inmates. Other jail offerings range from mental health programs to opioid addiction treatment to religious services.
The jail has focused more on specific mental health services in the past few years as inmates’ needs have changed, said Lt. Ryan Kidwell, jail administrator.
The jail hired a person to oversee group therapy sessions. Wagner used to oversee the sessions, but now she works one-on-one with inmates and in case management.
Emily Hurt, jail-based therapist and case manager, focuses on group therapy and runs an orientation group at the jail focusing on balanced decisions, social skills and control, using cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychotherapy treatment that seeks to change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind people’s difficulties.
These programs are developed based on research out of the University of Cincinnati and are aimed at reducing re-offender rates and integrating people into the community. The services are free.
Hurt and Wagner are Century Health employees and work through a program called Community Linkage, which matches Century Health and the jail. The program is funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of…

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