The best GameCube games that should be on Switch – Reader’s Feature

GameCube – the Switch needs to get a handle on it

A reader argues it’s time for Nintendo to release GameCube games for the Switch, including Super Mario Sunshine and Eternal Darkness.

I’ve owned every Nintendo home console, but I don’t have a Switch yet. Nintendo’s first look promotional video tried hard to get my money. Attractive models, idealised situations and Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah); the very definition of an earworm song.

Unfortunately, my friends live in houses. I can’t play 1-2-Switch on a scenic rooftop. If I had a dog to walk, I’d be throwing a stick instead of conquering Zelda on a park bench. I get car sick occasionally, so playing Skyrim in the back seat of a taxi is my idea of hell. The unique selling point isn’t relevant in my life. I’m all about the games; if I want at least five, the console purchase is warranted.

Three Switch titles have universal acclaim (90+ score) on Metacritic. Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. I enjoyed these games on Wii U and don’t need to upgrade. That console flopped commercially, reselling the greatest hits makes sense.

New fighting game ARMS and Splatoon 2 are appealing (I never owned the original). Super Mario Odyssey looks set for high scores in October. That’s only three, so I can’t justify the expense. Two more might grab my attention by winter, if there are no release schedule delays.

When the Wii consoles launched, customers had two ways to fill the gap between big-hitters. Firstly, retro fans got their fix through the Virtual Console. The Switch doesn’t even have a Virtual Console! Secondly, backwards compatibility gave gamers a chance to replay classics from past generations. Switch uses cartridges instead of optical discs, so doesn’t have this feature.

Like the Wii U, GameCube sold poorly against the PlayStation juggernaut. Just under 22 million units were sold worldwide. GameCube has underappreciated, wonderful games and…

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