Tenba Celebrates 40th Anniversary with New Special Edition DNA Messenger Bags

Since 1977, Tenba has been making uncompromising carrying solutions for professional photographers and filmmakers. To celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Tenba is introducing two SPECIAL EDITION DNA Messenger Bags with upgraded features, including a TPU-coated super-water-repellent exterior, carbon fiber-pattern zipper pulls and a rich blue interior. Since its original introduction, the DNA Messenger has been a popular workhorse camera bag and everyday carry solution for imagemakers around the world. The SPECIAL EDITION bags will be available in two of Tenba’s best-selling sizes: DNA 8 and DNA 15 Slim.

Hydrophobic TPU-Coated Fabric

Available only on the Special Edition DNA bags, this TPU-coated fabric is extremely durable and water repellent, with a cool matte-black finish.

Secure Equipment Access

The Quick Access top zipper allows the secure exchange of cameras and lenses without opening the front flap, which allows for much quicker lens changes, and keeps the camera gear hidden from prying eyes.

Removable Camera Insert for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

The padded insert in each DNA is bag is removable to convert the bag for everyday carry. The DNA 8 is built to accommodate a mirrorless or rangefinder camera with 2-3 lenses and an iPad® Mini or other 8-inch tablet. The DNA 15 Slim will fit a mirrorless or DSLR camera with 4-6 lenses (up to an attached 70-200mm f/2.8), plus a full-size iPad® and a laptop up to 15 inches.

Quick & Secure Magnetic Clips

Fidlock® magnetic clips allow easy drop-on attachment and fast slide release. This is the quickest clip in the world. It can be opened and closed with one hand, even when wearing gloves or when the bag is worn at the back.

Messenger Strap

Adjustable security strap connects to D-rings on…

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