Ten Music Organizations to Support On Give Miami Day From Rhythm Foundation to Subtropics

The countdown is on for Give Miami Day, the annual one-day drive for donations and financial support. In a world that’s on the brink of armageddon, Give Miami Day is the perfect antidote. It can restore your faith in humanity by providing an opportunity to learn about and support organizations that are doing the hard work of improving our community.

Hundreds of organizations are participating this year. Rather than drowning in a pool of blinding cynicism, choose a cause you care about — the environment, immigration, health care, education, etc. — look into organizations that are working toward the betterment of those issues within our community, and contribute to one (or a few) of them. And while you’re at it, the arts and humanities tend to get the short end of the stick, so we’ve compiled this list of music-related charities that are working to keep music alive in our community. How do you keep the music playing? Donate to these organizations on Give Miami Day.

1. Rhythm Foundation. This Miami cultural staple is celebrating its 30th season, but it’s showing no signs of slowing. Late last month, the Rhythm Foundation brought millennial spiritual guides Ibeyi to Miami for the second time after securing their first-ever Miami show in 2016. The Rhythm Foundation concentrates on bringing global artists whose music connects with South Florida’s melting pot. Over the years, organizers have brought the likes of Bomba Estereo and Beirut to Miami. They also pretty much single-handedly revived the North Beach Bandshell as a viable South Florida venue. You can help the Rhythm Foundation run for another 30 successful years. Donate to Rhythm Foundation here.

Photo courtesy of Guitars Over Guns

2. Guitars Over Guns. American society is locked in an existential battle over how best to act in the face of rampant gun violence. No matter what side of the political aisle you stand on, Guitars Over Guns is doing work that everyone can agree is constructive and reducing…

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