Technologic Systems Forges a Strategic Partnership with Savoir-faire Linux

Technologic Systems and Savoir-faire Linux

Savoir-Faire Linux works seamlessly to bring the customers vision to life and bring the most out of our hardware in the process.

Today marks the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Technologic Systems and Savoir-faire Linux Inc., on a wide range of key technological and marketing initiatives. Technologic Systems, the longtime manufacturer of industrial grade single board computers, computer on modules, and touch panel computers have officially announced the partnership with Savoir-faire Linux, the leading open source software expert in Canada. Both firms have been long collaborating together to offer a whole value chain solution to their clients.

The indispensable symbiosis between hardware and software solutions in the digital economy is the main driver of their co-creations and technological collaborations. Having been successful in increasing their end-users’ satisfaction and operational performance, both companies now want to become more strategically engaged to even further augment the industry standards.

For almost two decades, Savoir-faire Linux has been able to constantly create and share open source software knowledge through consultancy, design, architecture, and maintenance of a variety of information systems in the North American and European markets. The company is well-known positioned for developing reliable and supported open source-based software solutions and has already forged strategic partnership with major open source players such as Red Hat, Liferay, Debian, Linux Kernel, Odoo and FFmpeg, to name a few. Being embedded in free/libre and open source communities such as Linux Kernel, Debian, FFmpeg etc., the…

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