“Technically, Mechanically, Beautiful Flask” – Luxurious 3D Rendering Collaboration of High End Brands

To market an advertise a unique and luxurious product, such as the Dual Tank Whiskey Flask, in a visual and virtual world, collaboration with an equally unique and visual design team is only fitting.

The uniqueness of the project allowed the QA Graphics team “to explore new design trends and show the world what we are capable of,” said the design team.

When Neil Ferrier “Chief Conspirator” of Discommon Goods, a luxury design brand, presented a unique opportunity to QA Graphics; an exciting business venture was born. Ferrier sought out the Iowa-based design firm, seeking a 3D marketing video with an animated exploding view of their newest product, a Dual Tank Whiskey Flask. The final 3D rendered video was amazing and served as a distinguishing supplemental marketing tool, emphasizing every ornate detail and texture of the Dual Tank Whiskey Flask from multiple perspectives in a digital space.

The Flask was truly a special and exciting project for QA Graphics’ team and a fantastic way to showcase the design team’s diverse skills and talents for sales and marketing applications. As an original design collaboration between Discommon and two other unnamed international luxury brands, the digital replication and details of the product were of the utmost importance. Using QA Graphics’ state of the art rendering farm, QA Graphics’ 3D design team brought to life photos, CAD images, video clips, and schematic designs into an incredible, attention grabbing, animated 3D graphic representation; leaving Ferrier only to say, “Unreal. You have seriously blown me away. The video looks incredible.” – Which means a lot coming from a designer whose company prides themselves on product differentiation, luxury quality, and the…

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