Tattoo artist speaks to cultural anthropology class at Northeastern

Local tattoo artist Nicholas Haney displays some of his work as he talks to a Northeastern Junior College cultural anthropology class about the history of tattooing Wednesday. The class is part of NJC’s summer session. (Callie Jones / Sterling Journal-Advocate)

While regular classes at Northeastern Junior College ended last week, some students already returned back to class this week for the college’s summer session. On Wednesday, students in Jeff Schiel’s two-week cultural anthropology class got a special treat, as tattoo artist Nicholas Haney visited the class to talk about the history of tattooing.

Haney spoke about the history of tattooing, from hand-tapping tattoos, which quite a few people still do, to the newer trends, such as watercolor tattoos, glow in the dark tattoos, arttoos — your body becomes a piece of art with a tattoo — and even advertising tattoos, where you can get paid for a tattoo on your body.

Nicholas Haney puts tattoo ink on students’ gloved hands, so they can see what it feels like, during a cultural anthropology class at Northeastern Junior College. (Callie Jones / Sterling Journal-Advocate)

He talked about traveling around the world doing tattoos at conventions and different types of tattoos that are popular in different regions. For example, in California it’s more Chicano designs, whereas in New York there are…

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