TASS: Business & Economy – Experts: alternative energy may be used widely in the Arctic

MOSCOW, July 28. /TASS/. Russia’s Arctic territories have a great potential for using alternative energy sources, experts, lawyers, scientists and regional officials told TASS.

In some of the Arctic areas, wind speed is more than 5-7 meters per second, this is a very favorable condition for economically reasonable use of the wind energy; another promising direction is use of solar panels. As yet, the Arctic regions mostly have isolated energy supplies, where every region is using diesel electric plants – the fuel is brought there during the so-called northern supplies once a year.

The electricity cost reaches 120 rubles ($2) a kW. TASS writes about possible alternative energy sources in the Arctic and about the green projects in the North.

Top-expensive diesel

Most settlements in the Arctic receive electricity from isolated systems – practically every region has its own source of energy. “As a rule, those are diesel power plants, which are low-effective and the cost of produced energy is top high – it may be up to 80-120 rubles – the diesel fuel is delivered only once a year during the winter supplies,” head of the State Duma’s energy committee Pavel Zavalny told TASS. “Compare it with the electricity cost of 3-4 rubles in the country’s areas with centralized energy supplies.”

Using alternative energy sources in the Arctic is quite possible, he continued. Moreover, the Russian government plans increasing the share of green energy from one to 2.5% – to six Gigawatts, thus offering all support to investors and to the projects on renewable energy sources. “By now, Russia has a ready legal base to support the renewable energy sources, including laws and governmental regulations to attract investments and to offer subsidies for production of electricity based on renewable energy sources,” the legislator said. “We have projects, which are at different stages now, on development of the wind, solar energy, where the equipment production…

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