Taoglas Selected As STATSports’ Next Antenna For GPS System

STATSports‘ state-of-the-art Apex system tracks player performance during training and games. It’s used by major leagues like the NFL, NBA, La Liga and English Premier League. For the system, one piece of equipment does most of the heavy lifting — the GPS antenna. That’s why STATSports has selected Taoglas as its antenna solution.

The whole point of a wearable device is to collect accurate, usable data. The Apex system, specifically, collects everything from speed to heart rate variability. Crucial in producing this data is a reliable antenna — especially in the case varying weather conditions.

“Having the best antennas in the industry can help STATSports collect the most accurate possible data on player performance,” Dermot O’Shea, co-CEO of Taoglas, said in a statement. “In devices that small and sensitive, antennas can be the most common point of failure in the communications chain. Taoglas has the expertise to deliver reliable antenna solutions that can excel even in the most challenging of situations.”

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“We have found the Taoglas antenna gives us the best performance in GPS reception in the demanding environments of elite player performance analysis,” STATSports CTO Arthur McMahon said in a statement. “The accuracy, reliability and robustness of their antenna in our harsh operating environments were key factors in choosing Taoglas.”

Taoglas was actually able to help STATSports deliver location accuracy within one meter. That’s not the only matter of proximity between the two companies, however. With both based in Ireland, collaboration is much much simpler.

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