Tampa-Based MaintenX Wants Offers Business Plumbing Tips To Prepare For Holiday Crowds

With the additional holiday season customer traffic in stores, it’s important to be ready to handle the increased pressure on your plumbing system. MaintenX International wants to help local facility managers prepare for the season by thinking ahead about plumbing needs.

“The last thing you want is holiday cheer ruined by plumbing problems,” said Bill Schaphorst, MaintenX’s VP of Business Development. “Bathrooms and kitchens in both your business and home can become strained. It’s best to be prepared and plan ahead.”

MaintenX International has helped local businesses with holiday preparation and maintenance for over 30 years. The following tips are to help make sure your holiday season flows easily.

1.    Be Kind to Your Drain

Drains clog when something foreign goes down the drain. Do not dispose of liquid fats or cooking oils in the kitchen sink. They can solidify and cause a major block in the system. It’s also important to properly use the garbage disposer. Run cold water and turn the disposer on prior to adding food waste. Avoid placing hard-to-grind or overly fibrous waste in your garbage disposer, and only add small batches of waste at a time.

2. Take the Plunge

A plunger is the first tool to utilize if your toilet becomes clogged. It’s important to have a few inches of water in the toilet bowl. The water creates a vacuum seal that allows the plunger to generate pressure and suction in the drain pipes. Don’t forget to clean and dry your plunger after use. If the plunger doesn’t fix the problem, you may need a toilet auger, which is commonly called a ‘drain snake’.

3.    Prevent Frozen Pipes

The holiday season brings colder temperatures. If they fall below freezing, the water in your pipes expands and may cause the pipe to burst. Ice in a pipe can increase water pressure, which…

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