T4VT aims to increase transportation affordability, access, sustainability

Vermont Business Magazine A diverse group of organizations, businesses, and institutions today announced the formation of a new coalition to advocate for a more sustainable, accessible, and affordable transportation system in Vermont. Currently, 47 percent of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, and gasoline and diesel represent more than 35 percent of all energy consumed in Vermont. T4VT has proposed replacing inefficient diesel school or transit buses with electric buses proven in cold climates. Diesel transit buses get only 4.5 miles per gallon and emit diesel exhaust that is dangerous for children, drivers, and passersby.

Green Mountain Transit rolled out an electric bus last spring in Burlington for a two-week test. Federal funding will provide for two fulltime electric buses in the near future and GMT could have as many as four eventually. GMT photo.

“Transportation for Vermonters, or T4VT for short, is unique in Vermont because our focus is on advancing transportation programs and investments that go beyond getting from point A to point B. Transportation is central to improving air quality, health, affordability, and economic vitality, as well as reducing greenhouse gas pollution,” said Kate McCarthy, sustainable communities program director at Vermont Natural Resources Council and coordinator of the T4VT coalition.

One of the Coalition’s first actions was to participate in the November 8th Vermont Climate and Energy Summit during which groups were asked to submit pitches to Governor Scott’s Climate Action Commission on high-impact ways Vermont can take action on climate.

Abby Bleything of the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition helped deliver the coalition’s pitch. She pointed out that, “Electrifying school and transit buses will jumpstart Vermont’s transition into a more sustainable fleet. By tackling our most inefficient and polluting vehicles on the road first, we gain considerable benefits both in terms of…

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