Synthetic Resveratrol Found To Be A Dud

If you are searching for a bargain-priced resveratrol (rez-vair-a-trol) pill at a big-box store you may need to think twice. The resveratrol brands of big-box store shelves often provide a synthetic form resveratrol that is not revealed on the label. In a recently published animal study, synthetic resveratrol was found to be a dud.

A synthetic version of the red wine molecule resveratrol unexpectedly fell flat in a recently published study where various natural molecules and medicines were tested for their ability to mimic the healthspan/lifespan doubling genetic effects of a calorie restricted diet.

Some big-box store brands are labeled as being “all natural” or “true nature,” further confusing sophisticated consumers who are searching for a resveratrol pill that is proven to work.

Molecular mimics of a calorie restricted diet

Researchers put seven different molecules (4 drugs and 3 natural molecules) to the test. These molecules were measured for their ability to boost or diminish the activity of various key genes that are characteristically differentiated by a calorie restricted diet as well as their ability to influence key markers of inflammation, blood sugar, obesity and cellular energy.

Test results

Strikingly, none of the drugs (anti-diabetic drug drugs metformin and pioglitazone; a cholesterol-lowering drug bezafibrate; the weight-loss drug dinitrophenol) or the three natural molecules (L-carnitine, quercetin, synthetic resveratrol) exhibited demonstrable effects compared to a calorie-restricted diet in various strains of laboratory mice over a 3-month period of time.

In a prior study published in 2008 these same researchers reported that resveratrol combined with other natural molecules exhibited a profound genetic effect, nine times greater than a calorie restricted diet or plain…

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