Survey Reveals Pint-Sized Pups Receive Most Protection in Frigid Temps

Seventy two percent of pet parents said they dress their pets when the temperatures dip.

A whopping 72 percent of pet parents surveyed said they dress their pets when temperatures dip.

Most pet parents take special precautions to keep pets safe during extreme temperatures, according to a recent Responsible Pet Parenting Survey* from Petplan pet insurance. A whopping 72 percent of 4,492 respondents said they dress their pets when temperatures dip.

Of that number, Petplan found that small dogs under 25 pounds are most likely to be dressed by their pet parents during wicked winter temps — 88 percent of their pet parents reported bundling pups up for the cold.

Medium-sized pets (26–60 lbs.) fared second best — 62 percent of their parents offer protection from frost.

And it seems big dogs get left out in the cold — less than half (47 percent) of pet parents to dogs over 60 pounds dress their pet.

“I’m thrilled to see so many pet parents considering their pet’s well-being during winter weather,” says Petplan Veterinary Advisory Board Member Dr. Ernie Ward. “For years, veterinarians have been trying to spread the awareness that if you’re cold, they’re cold. That message seems to have hit home, along with the guidelines for how cold is too cold for individual pets. Typically, the smaller the dog, the more protection he needs, so these numbers show that responsible pet parents are paying attention.”

Of the pet parents who reported dressing their pets, 88% start bundling up their pups when temperatures drop below 50˚F. Overall, more women reported taking precautions with winter weather than men, with 73 percent of female respondents saying they dress their pets for the cold, versus 66% of male…

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