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After a mysterious man whispers a cryptic message into the ear of 11-year-old detective and scientist Flavia de Luce, someone pushes him to his death under the wheels of an upcoming train.

Why? And what does the de Luce family have to do with long-buried secrets from World War II.

The answers to these questions propel the always-forward Flavia in Alan Bradley’s “The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches.”

This novel, set in the early 1950s in Great Britain, is also the source for the puzzles and word games for the sixth week of the Super Summer Reader Literary Scavenger Hunt, starting this Sunday, July 30, and running through Saturday, Aug. 5. 

We’re now entering the sixth week of our eight-week-long Literary Scavenger Hunt based on Bradley’s mystery series. The daily puzzles and word games began appearing on Sunday, June 25, and each week’s content is based on a different novel in the Flavia de Luce series. 

The puzzles for each week appear Sunday to Saturday, with the answers appearing the next day. Each week’s puzzles are appearing in a related story on, which is updated daily. Readers are able to download and print them out to keep up with the fun. (If you missed any of the puzzles, a link with this story will take you to each past week series of content.)

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The Literary Scavenger Hunt is the work of Tricia Vanderhoof, who writes our biweekly Mondays…