Summer Space Camp Launches in Ottawa

Mission Control Academy rover sitting atop a lander at the start of simulated Mars mission. Photo Credit: Paul Rocco.

Mission Control Academy allows students to remotely drive a real rover prototype in a Mars-like environment.

Mission Control Space Services, a young company in Ottawa focused on space technology development, is excited to announce Mission Control Academy. MCA challenges participants to design and operate a planetary exploration mission, culminating in an opportunity to remotely drive a real rover prototype in a Mars-like environment.

The mission scenario asks participants to assume realistic roles in a mission to Mars. Working together on a high-stakes space mission highlights important interdisciplinary communication and teamwork skills in an incomparable learning environment. Furthermore, teams have the opportunity to learn from professional scientists and engineers who have worked on NASA and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) missions.

From elementary school students, all the way to professionals in the space industry, Mission Control Academy has refined curriculum versions that can cater to any participant group. MCA offers a unique learning experience and showcases Canadian expertise in space exploration, including past demonstrations in the CSA Mars Yard.

This year, Mission Control Academy has four deployments all around the world, from Israel to Ireland to South Africa, but fortunately for Ottawa residents, it will also be held in our own backyard.

Mission Control Space Services, the company behind the program, is partnering up with Ashbury College to hold a week-long summer day camp July 10-14th, 2017 for students aged 11-16. The program is open for students all over the city, and includes…

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