Study Shows Brain Training Available to Libraries via Demco Software Lowers Dementia Risk

We’re excited to be the exclusive library provider of BrainHQ, which is backed by well over 100 peer-reviewed studies and has been rapidly adopted since we began offering it on our platform just two years ago.

A newly published 10-year study funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that brain training software offered exclusively to libraries by Demco Software reduced the risk of dementia. The online speed training exercise used in the study is now available through hundreds of public libraries, which offer free subscriptions to BrainHQ for their patrons through Demco Software’s user-friendly platform.

BrainHQ is an online brain-training system that represents the culmination of 30 years of research in neurological science and related medicine. It has more than two dozen brain-training exercises. In more than 100 studies, BrainHQ exercises were shown to have health benefits, including better performance at standard measures of cognition (speed, attention, memory, executive function) and at standard measures of quality of life (mood, confidence, maintaining functional abilities at everyday tasks, and health-related quality of life), and in real-world activities (balance, gait, driving).

The recently published Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) study explored the impact on aging of different types of cognitive training by randomizing participants into a control group and three different cognitive training arms. The only group to experience a reduction in dementia incidence was the group using an online speed-of-processing exercise (now exclusively available as the “Double Decision” exercise in BrainHQ).

The researchers found that “relatively small amounts of training resulted in…

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