State Party Takes Aim at Hijabs for Children. Also: Australian Is Shot in U.S., and Julie Bishop on Trump.

“We need to debate this now, otherwise in three months there will be a Muslim uniform in state schools in Queensland,” Ms. Patterson said.

Other delegates, like Wendy Ko from Surfers Paradise, opposed the measure. “I don’t think anyone has the right to tell an Islamic family how to raise their daughter,” she said.

Hana Assafiri, a social and community activist and Muslim feminist from Melbourne, called the proposed ban ridiculous and bizarre.

“What do you do, pull over kids and say, How old are you?” she asked. “It’s an insult to the very thing that makes us human.”

She defended the right of Australians to wear the hijab, denouncing seeing “the hijab as a tool or a source of negativism, oppression, violence, terrorism, which essentially this conversation is fraught with.”

“For me, the hijab is about faith, onto which a lot of neuroses are projected,” she said, asking, “Why have we made it a symbol of freedom?”

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Mourning the Killing of a ‘Beautiful Soul’


Justine Damond was fatally shot overnight Saturday as police officers were responding to her 911 call in a Minneapolis suburb.

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An Australian woman was fatally shot in Minneapolis on Saturday by police officers who did not have their body cameras turned on, officials said.

Justine Damond, a yoga and meditation practitioner, was shot as the officers were responding to her 911 call of an assault near her home in the Fulton neighborhood of Minneapolis. Ms. Damond, 40, who was from Sydney and who also went by the name Justine Ruszczyk, was engaged to be married to an American man, according to Australian news reports.

“They were so in love,” said Matt Omo, a close friend and a founder of his own wellness practice in Australia, who often collaborated with Ms. Damond on meditation and personal development…

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