START UP Premieres on Create TV Network; Launches Education Partnership with BusinessBlocks

Today, START UP will premiere on the Create TV Network, reaching millions more viewers and inspiring countless Americans to start their own businesses. The docu-series crisscrosses the United States to tell the stories of small business owners who have successfully chased their dreams. To reach even more small businesses, START UP is partnering with BusinessBlocks, the leading small business education company that empowers Main Street to live the American Dream.

From a doctor opening up their own practice to the owner of a multigenerational bakery, small business owners from all industries wear multiple hats. Unfortunately, more than 50 percent fail within the first 5 years in part because they don’t have the training they need. BusinessBlocks offers month-long online courses in marketing, finance, HR and restaurant marketing for busy small business owners looking to grow or launch their companies. Every student is paired with their own expert coach to guide them through the course and answer specific questions about their business, making these programs unlike any other education option in the market.

START UP, now in its fifth season, currently airs on PBS and World Channel and streams on Amazon Prime Video. Today’s announcement marks the premiere of the series on Create TV Network, making START UP the only series to air on PBS, World Channel and Create TV. As a testament to the millions of people they reach, START UP receives thousands of inquiries from viewers about how they can better run or launch their own business. Gary Bredow, creator and host of START UP said, “It is so inspiring to continue to share the stories of brave entrepreneurs across the country. We are thrilled to partner with BusinessBlocks to ensure that our community gets access to the high-quality, tailored coaching and expertise…

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