Starling Marte denies knowingly taking PEDs in first public statement since being suspended | Pirates/MLB

PITTSBURGH — Startling Marte spoke with the Pittsburgh media Monday for the first time since he received an 80-game suspension from Major League Baseball for testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance.

But Marte still isn’t saying much.

Marte’s test was positive for the anabolic steroid nandrolone, which is typically injected, but he said he never injected himself with any substance and wouldn’t even know how to. He didn’t directly blame the result on a tainted supplement, but hinted at that, while also apologizing to the fans and his teammates for his carelessness.

“I do take supplements,” Marte said through interpreter Mike Gonzalez. “However, all of the supplements I take are from the organization — whatever the trainers give me. When I am preparing to go into the off-season, I always try to take as much as I can (with me), so that it can last me throughout the off-season. But unfortunately, somewhere this off-season, I must have made a mistake. I was careless and that’s where some negative results came out. At the end of the day, my goal here is to make sure that every supplement that I take comes fully approved from this organization and the trainers here.”

Marte said that his teammates have been supportive, despite some of them initially being upset with him. He’s less sure what the fan reaction will be like.

“There is a bit of a concern, especially because I love the fans. I love our fans. I love the interaction that I have with the fans, how much support and love they’ve given me and vice versa. But, I respect anything that’s thrown my way. I understand it. I would wish that things would go smoothly, but I can’t say that they will.”

Marte will return Tuesday in the second game of the Pirates’ four-game series with the first-place Milwaukee Brewers that begins Monday night.

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