St. Margaret’s High community rallies around kid with ‘suicide disease’ – Orange County Register

The pain, described in medical texts as one of the most severe types known to humanity, can drive people to take their own lives.

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a condition with an ominous nickname – “the suicide disease.” Gavin Clarke, a popular 18-year-old at St. Margaret’s High, began to feel the effects of the disease, which usually affects women over 50, just about the time he became a teenager. Gavin’s pain was small at first, and then grew like the sound of a train getting closer.

It is a nerve disorder lying just under the skin of a person’s face. It can be triggered by a touch of the cheek or a stiff breeze. It can grow from a dull pain, like a toothache, to a sizzling stab, like an electric shock. There is no medication that has been successful in curing it.

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