Spotify Relaunches ¡Viva Latino! Offering Fans Constant & Original Behind-The-Music Exclusives

Since launching in 2014, Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino! Playlist has been connecting fans with some of the most established voices in Latin music and giving a platform to emerging acts, all the while bridging cultural gaps regardless of language or origin.

Like any bonafide fan, however, Spotify knows there’s more to music than just the finished product, and there’s more to an artist than what we hear on a single track. With that in mind, Spotify will up the ante every Friday with a constantly refreshing playlist that brings fans that much closer to their favorite Latin artists, whether you’re a fan of J Balvin, Shakira or Daddy Yankee.

Starting Tuesday (Nov. 14), the new ¡Viva Latino! feed will come equipped with exclusive, original content, including videos from artists of all genres, behind-the-scenes tracks, and so much more.

According to Rocio Guerrero, head of global cultures at Spotify, the new enhanced playlist is poised to change the game, giving fans unparalleled access to the movers and shakers making a name for Latin music around the world:

“It’s a new playlist that we believe will take Latin culture to the next level. I don’t think there’s anything like it. It will have its own identity, original music videos and cover stories. We are relaunching [Viva Latino] with original music videos and audios. Every week we are going to have editorial content.”

Spotify isn’t stopping at behind-the-scenes exclusives, video premieres and original editorial content. They’re simultaneously introducing ¡Viva Latino! A Spotify Original Podcast, where every two weeks Latin music’s megastars contextualize their latest global hits charting on the Viva Latino playlist. The podcast is scheduled to feature luminaries such as Jennifer Lopez, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Jesse & Joy, Becky G, Bad Bunny, Carlos Vives and Bomba Estéreo, among many others.

Guerrero looks no further than this year in Latin music as an indicator of the genre’s promising future in…

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