Sports reality TV shows that we want to see.

Recently, Facebook reportedly picked up the rights to a reality series that will follow Lonzo, LiAngelo, LaMelo and of course LaVar Ball. LaVar and Lonzo have been making plenty of headlines the last few months, so a series following their exploits as Lonzo begins his career as a Los Angeles Laker should draw plenty of eyeballs. It got us thinking about other sports reality series concepts. Here are 10:

1. The Tim Duncan Show

First and foremost, we need to debunk the longstanding myth that Duncan is a boring guy. He owns a shirt that says “4 out of 3 people struggle with math,” teammates swear by his sense of humor and he was an awesome guest on Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye’s podcast this year. There’s ample evidence that a reality show centered around Duncan in his post-retirement life would work.

We could have segments at his car shop, where I imagine Duncan just puts everyone to work while he plays video games:

Former players could drop by at the shop and get the Tim Duncan interview treatment. If you forgot, watch this interview Duncan did with Gilbert Arenas. He’s a natural:

To be honest, I want this concept to happen just for all the Old Navy visits:

2. The Cycling Afterlife of Barry Bonds

Bonds was one of the most surly personalities around as an active player, especially with steroid accusations swirling around him in the latter stages of his career:

In retirement from playing, Bonds has become an avid cyclist. We are blessed to live in a world where there’s video footage of Bonds leading a spin class:

Sign me up for a HBO 24/7 series on the post-retirement life of Bonds.

3. Comedy Central Roast of Kevin Durant

The first thing Durant did after winning a championship was go on Twitter to clap back at all the haters in his mentions:

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