Specific Nicotine Isomers Ratios Could Potentially Offer Nicotine use at Satisfying but Non-Addictive Levels as Revealed by Next Generation Labs CEO Vincent Schuman

This initial study could help redefine novel nicotine research

Next Generation Labs, the maker of the world’s only patented synthetic nicotine is pleased to report some novel findings related to its research on the isomeric character of the company’s patented synthetic nicotine products.

Vincent Schuman, CEO of Next Generation Labs, stated that, “Our work with a highly respected USA-based research lab has revealed a novel relationship between the active ‘S’ isomer in synthetic nicotine and the assumed less-active ‘R’ nicotine isomer.”

Although preliminary and confidential, the findings gave some “surprising and unexpected” results according to a well-recognized FDA approved research laboratory. The studies revealed that specific ratios of the ‘R’ to the ‘S’ isomers could potentially offer nicotine use at satisfying but non-addictive or less addictive levels.

Although the research findings are in their early stages, Next Generation Labs, which has applied for a number of novel use patents for synthetic ‘R’ and ‘S’ nicotine isomers in vaping, tobacco and in pharmaceutical drug development related to R and S isomer concentration, believes this early stage research will help strengthen its Intellectual Property portfolio going forward.

Additionally, Schuman added that this initial study could help redefine novel nicotine research and current thinking about nicotine, as Next Generation Labs is the only Company that has been able to successfully commercially scale production levels of pure all ‘S’ nicotine and pure all ‘R’ nicotine, and make the pure isomeric forms available in large volumes to industry and academia. Consequently, this is the first time that vape, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries can…

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