Special Deals for Cubacel Top Ups, from HablaCuba.com

This November, Cuban expats get the chance to send special bonuses to their family and friends back home in Cuba, thanks to the new Cubacel promotion that starts on November 13 and is open until November 17.

Here are the new deals the Cuban operator offers:

30 CUC + 50 min + 50 SMS

for only

20 CUC

105 CUC

for only

45 CUC

90 CUC + 150 min + 150 SMS

for only

60 CUC

The offer valid between November 13-17, 2017 (23:59 EST) for recharges between 15 and 60 CUC. The promotional balance for deals including SMS and minutes can be used until December 10, 2017 (23:59 EST). The promotional balance for deals including only free CUC can be used until December 3, 2017 (23:59 EST).

Besides the offer, HablaCuba’s Facebook page also hosts a contest. Cubans are invited to share the name of the Cuban region where they were born or where they grew up. The contest is open until November 14. The winner will be picked randomly and will be awarded 20 CUC which can be converted into 50 CUC + 20 minutes + 20 SMS during the Cubacel promotion.

Besides sending top ups, customers can also recharge their family’s and friends’ Nauta accounts, helping them have access to the internet. Or, if they prefer calling, they can also use HablaCuba.com’s calling services. Customers can place their calls:

  • From any landline, mobile or even payphone in the world, through access numbers.
  • Through the smartphone app called KeepCalling, available for iOS and Android.

The rate for international calls to Cuba is 69.9¢/min, for both landlines and mobiles, and the cost of a text message is 7¢.

All services HablaCuba.com offers revolve around the website’s mission, which is to bring people together, no matter the distance, because no distance is too long if people stay…

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