Speak out: Democratic party wants its own brand of socialism

Democratic Socialism: Now I know why America fought Communist expansion for over 60 years. The Democratic Party wanted to create its own brand of Socialism. Controlling the masses with programs that keep them under their thumb like school breakfasts and lunches.

Kindness counts: I want to start out by saying I am a black man. I was walking out of a store one morning, and the weather was bad. It was very windy. I was walking behind an older white lady. I said: Good morning, how are you? She said: I’m doing great now. You just made my day even though it’s nasty out here. I said: I’m glad I made your day. What I’m getting at is just because you have never met a person before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say good morning or good afternoon. You never know whose day you will make better by saying just a few words. I want to end this by saying it doesn’t matter what color a person’s skin is. Next time you walk past a person, say: Hi, how are you? It won’t hurt you to do that.

Hats off to Heartland: I want to thank Heartland Blood Center for reaching out to the community to give blood. All the centers are running short on supplies. When I went in to give blood, the ladies who drew blood were fantastic. I got a little lightheaded, but they were phenomenal. Heartland does a good job in our community.

Free boxes: I read in the newspaper that the United States Postal Service is losing some $400 million. They could probably recoup half of that if they quit giving out free boxes. Everyone takes the boxes from the post office and use them for FedEx or UPS. It’s ridiculous that the post office gives out free boxes.

End the enabling: I know everyone has been harping about President Trump and rightfully so. It seems more and more like he wants to be a dictator. That won’t fly in the United States. The Republicans are in the driver’s seat. They need to put this president in his place. Right now, we are getting absolutely nothing done. We…

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