Song of Memories for PC delayed to early 2018 in Japan

Song of Memories for PC delayed to early 2018 in Japan

A short delay for the gal game visual novel.

Future Tech Lab has delayed the PC version of Song of Memories from its previously announced late December release window in Japan to early 2018.

Before its late December release window, the PC version had a concrete release date of December 20. We missed reporting on that delay announcement.

Here’s an overview of the PC version, via its Steam page:

■ “No time to return, irreplaceable time”

While the unknown virus is discovered in the world, the hero who is not realized has enjoyed school life with six beautiful girls. I do not even know that it will be an irreplaceable time · · ·. On the common route which is the first half of the story is full of event scenes which should also be called the royal road of Gal game! I will pass a fun time with the heroines. Pool Events, Date Events and more just over 100 common events!

■ “Full Animation Animation to Overcome Common Sense of Adventure Game”

Since I am using the 2D animation tool “E-mote” from the conversation screen to the event CG, I overwhelm the common sense of the adventure game so far and realize a new image expression looking like animation as it is. In addition, enormous scenarios correspond to full voice including the hero, and each character performs a detailed reaction according to the word, so it is structured to want to see it without skipping the line to the end.

■ “Recorded more than 30 songs in the main part”

There are over 30 songs recorded in this work. There are two songs and six endings, each luxurious voice actor from each hero sings. The 3D battle system in this volume also incorporates rhythm game elements using songs, and the combination of battle songs changes according to the character selection of the artist unit “Dream 4 You” which is an important character.

■ Supported languages

  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Simplified / Traditional)
  • Scheduled for…

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