Some Important Bug Out Bag Essentials To Include In Your Survival Kit

Emergencies and natural disaster could happen at any time. Are you and your family ready in case an emergency situation struck today? Would you be able to sustain yourself and your family for the duration of the emergency? These are questions that everybody should be able to answer. The fact is, most people are not prepared for this scenario. Just look at what happened during hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. The people weren’t ready for the disaster, let alone able to provide the essentials for survival. Let’s take a look at the essentials that everyone should have ready in the event of a disaster situation.

Water is the number one item to have ready. Most humans can’t live for more than a couple of days without water. If an emergency hit, such as an earthquake or major power outage, running water would likely stop. Finding potable water would be very difficult. Make sure that you have at least 1 gallon per person per day. If you are a family of 4 and are setting up a 72 hour kit, that means you will need 12 gallons of clean water stored.

Food is the number two item. Most people can go several days without food, but being able to think clearly and have the strength to survive would diminish with each day. During an emergency situation, higher stress requires more calories to perform at a high level. Don’t forget your food!

Shelter is the number three item. Most people can survive without shelter, but the elements can take a toll on morale. Having a good shelter and backup is necessary for survival. If the emergency allows you to stay at home, then that is great. If it forced you to evacuate, like hurricane Katrina, then you will need backup shelter options.

First aid, tools, fire starting equipment, and personal protection are other optional items to include in your emergency planning. While you might get by without a flashlight or a survival knife,having these items might give you an advantage. Options. It’s all about having options in a disaster scenario. The…

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