Some fidget spinners sold at Target contain potentially dangerous lead: Consumer group

Target has removed two models of fidget spinners from its website and began pulling the items from store shelves on Friday after tests showed they contained high levels of lead.

Target spokeswoman Jenna Reck said in a statement to ABC News: “While these two products comply with all CPSC guidelines for fidget spinners, based on the concerns raised, we’re removing them from our assortment. Additionally, we’re working closely with our vendors to ensure all of the fidget spinners carried at Target meet the CPSC’s guidelines for children’s products.”

Earlier, the retailer sold the spinners, which are classified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as “general use” products and not as children’s toys. That distinction means they are not subject to lead limits for children’s products.

The spinners were labeled “Ages 14+” but consumer and health advocates noted that in practice, the spinners are often used by younger children.

CPSC commissioner and former CPSC chairman Elliot Kaye tweeted Thursday: “Seems obvious fidget spinners are toys and should comply with all applicable federal safety standards.”

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group tested several models of fidget spinners and found two models, both sold at Target stores nationwide, that contained “extremely high” levels of lead in the metal and coating. One had 330 times the allowable amount for children’s products.

The group continues to test other spinners from other retailers as part of its annual holiday toy testing project.

Kara Cook-Schultz, toxics director for the U.S. PIRG Education Fund, said while the spinners might not be officially classified as toys, in practice they often are.

“Saying fidget spinners aren’t toys defies common sense, as millions of parents whose kids play with spinners can tell you,” Cook-Schultz said.

The group said its testers found the items in Target toy aisles around the country.

In a written statement, Target Corp….

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